We all have our own story. At the same time we often share a deeper need for meaning, autonomy, connection and growth. We all like to experience a feeling of freedom and own responsibility, to feel that we matter, and we all like to feel connected, want to belong. If who we are in our inner world coincides with who we are in our outer world, growth and development happen automatically. If there is a discrepancy, stagnation and hassle appear. This we can internalise, which has an effect on our mood and feeling of freedom. Or we can externalise, which other people may find bothersome. Often stagnation is caused by a ‘lack of maintenance’. It happens unintendedly and slowly, as everything is constantly changing. And before we know it the world around us has changed. Who we are, how we look at ourselves, develops. The roles we commit to, with our partners, in our jobs, friendships or hobby’s, we can outgrow. Or others catch up with us and we get a feeling of being overburdened. This kind of situation requires reflection on one’s role and identity, rebalancing what you want with who you are, what you already can do with the your potential. And it requires creating opportunities.

We can help. By listening with empathy, asking questions, mirroring, clarifying your ambitions and abilities, help you place yourself in the world and increase your impact. But also in taking steps. Towards a job, in your work, towards people around you, towards starting your own business. To speed up this process we developed several instruments. But there also needs to be a connection. You cannot help others beyond where you are yourself; this is also true for us. And development mostly takes place just outside your comfort zone, which requires that you feel comfortable and that there is a click. Feel free to contact us for a meeting conversation to find out.